Mindfulness Resources

The practice of mindfulness -- deliberately paying attention to present moment experience with a kind willingness to be with what is -- is a way to come home to yourself. It has been practiced for centuries and is currently receiving increasing scientific support as a means to build stress resilience, boost the immune system and promote a general sense of health and well-being*.  Below you will find resources to support you in your mindfulness practice. 

*Please note that for some psychological conditions, it is advisable to learn mindfulness with a trained mindfulness-based therapist present.

Bay Area Community Support

East Bay

  • East Bay Mediation Center*
  • Insight Meditation Community (Berkeley)

San Francisco

  • SF Buddhist Meditation Ctr*
  • San Francisco Insight

*These locations offer affinity based (BIPOC/people of color, LGBTQ, disability, etc.) sitting groups/retreats.

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